Spring Capsule

I was able to start my closet clean out this past weekend and going through with a critical eye, I ended up tossing a lot. Honestly, I was really tempted to just throw out 95% of things and start from scratch.  No wonder I usually just end up in a concert tee or sweatshirt and jeans (if I bother to change out of my leggings at all)! The good news is that, for spring at least, I will probably be right around the more traditional 30 pieces for my capsule.

I sat down and made a general list of the number of items I wanted to include.

  • 5 jackets/cardigans
  • 10 tops
  • 7 bottoms
  • 5 dresses

That got me to 27 pieces, so I have a little bit of wiggle room to add in a few more items if I’d like, or I can just start counting shoes as part of my options.

What was interesting as I was weeding out my closet is how many more minimalist or tailored looking items I chose over the flowy, flower child items in my closet.

These photos are at different angles, but on the left is my “before” and the right is my “after”. It’s hard to tell, but I did pull out a lot of things. The after includes my work capsule, my special occasion items, and a handful of winter/fall items so it still looks pretty full.

I was able to save 4 jackets/cardigans towards my total of 5. Most of these items have been in my closet for years. The first is a cape style cardigan from Olive and Oak followed by a knit kimono cardigan from H&M. The denim jacket is also from H&M and is a cropped style. The olive bomber jacket is from Old Navy.

I was able to grab 5 tops out of my current closet: a thin knit olive sweater from H&M (not pictured), black top from H&M, denim button down from Cloth and Stone, a 1950’s vintage top, and a paisley print blouse from Zara.

For bottoms, I pulled several pairs of my everyday jeans (I didn’t grab photos of them because some are being worn, some are in the wash, etc.) I did add a me-made button close denim skirt and one pin stripe vintage skirt.

My dresses didn’t photograph well, but I currently have 5 of those added to my capsule- most of them are ones I made recently.

I’ll need to fill out with another cardigan or jacket, 5 tops,  possibly 1 more dress and another skirt.

Overall, I’m feeling pretty good about getting down to a more limited number of items. I stuck to a color scheme of olive, denim, black, white, and pinks or florals. I should be able to mix and match a lot of the items and will work on pulling a few accessories and shoes together to start making some more outfit combinations.

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