February Project Planning

Now that I’ve cleaned out my closet, I’ve determined I need to fill in a few gaps in my capsule. Over February and March I’ll plan to make 5 tops, a dress, a couple of skirts, potentially another cardigan and jeans.

I signed up for Closet Case Files Jean Workshop which kicks off on February 20th. While I don’t need jeans at the moment, the pairs I own are 2-3 years old each and I rotate through about 4 pair so they’re starting to get worn out and losing their fit and stretch. I’m picky about jeans (really what woman isn’t?) and have a really hard time finding jeans to fit my 5’3″, big booty and smallish waist body. I’m also no longer 22 and I’ve grown a person so my stomach isn’t what it used to be. I love a high waist, skinny jean cut but finding a pair that works well with my body shape is hard. The allure of being able to create a perfectly fitted pair of jeans in the exact style I’m looking for was too much to resist. I’ll be making the Ginger Jean and also got an add on pattern to make myself a pair of flares (fitting in with my ’70’s aesthetic).

I also have a few lighter weight sweaters on my list to fill in capsule gaps. Spring weather in Minnesota is all over the map temperature wise so I want to make sure that I have a few light sweaters to mix in for those cooler days. I’ve got a couple sweater knits in transit from Fabric.com – a lighter beige in an loose knit and a sheer metallic peachy knit. I also just got this white sweater knit from So Sew English that I’m planning on sewing up into the Sew House 7 Toaster Sweater #2.  I’ll be working on a Lotus Blossom Blouse and Terra Tunic from Love Notions once my other knits are in.SAMSUNG CSC

The Gable Top is the perfect mix of comfy tee and structured top. I’ve got a fun floral from So Sew English picked out for this top and it should work for both spring and fall.


I am also really excited for a top I have planned. I found a really beautiful, peachy gold fabric and am planning on using the Made for Mermaids Mama Daphne pattern to make an off the shoulder top and then modifying the sleeve to get a bell shape. Basically a top length version of the Free People dress below. This is really going to be one of the bigger statement pieces in my capsule this spring and maybe even into summer so I’m nervous and excited about how it will turn out!


Dresses aren’t something I really need either, but I ordered this great floral french terry from So Sew English before I jumped on the capsule bandwagon with the intent of creating a cute hooded dress that I saw someone else in one of my online sewing groups make. It will be a great throw on for weekends, errands, and days when I feel like laying around in a sweatshirt but actually need to leave the house.

I’ve also got a couple of skirts planned. When I was quick glace through my Style Inspiration board trying to get some inspiration for pieces to include in my capsule, I kept coming across photos of pleated skirts. Lil Luxe Collection just released this amazing pleated skirt pattern and I plan to make it up in both a leopard print and black scuba knit. The black skirt will find a home in my Spring capsule and will work well for work or special occasions and the leopard print will likely be added to my work collection for the time being.

I should have my hands full with these items but I also have plans to do some sewing for my kids. There is some really fun Star Wars fabric set to arrive any day now plus several others that will turn into leggings, shorts, tops for my littles.

I also really ambitiously decided to make my husband this William Vest from Laela Jeyne and self quit the fabric. The color is a bit off in the photo, but this is an olive color twill and the flannel will be the lining.SAMSUNG CSC

I’m guessing with a docket this full, some of this sewing will spill into March, especially with the short month. I’ve luckily got several of the patterns I plan to use already assembled. I just printed out several of the others this evening so I’ll spend the next couple nights prepping patterns and cutting fabric (I like to cut several projects at once, especially if I’m using the same patterns).




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