Valentines Day Top

I’m a bit behind on my blog posts as well as my sewing projects this month but wanted to share a quick post on the Made for Mermaid Holly Top I made for V for Valentine’s day.


This was a fairly easy pattern to follow and it has a unique square neck. I’ve mostly been working in knits lately but put this together in a couple of woven cottons. I originally planned to make matching red leggings to go with this, but it got to be a bit much so I left them out.

I’m terrible at remembering to take photos as I go, but I did snap a couple of in progress shots.


The square neck on this top was surprising easy to sew with the easy to follow instructions included with the pattern. The bottom/skirt part of the shirt is gathered to the neck line and then a button placket is added to close it up. I struggled with the placket since I’ve never had to do one before and it turned out ok but will definitely be something to work on for the next time I have a garment that calls for it.

Knowing that this top would likely only be worn a couple of times because of the seasonal print, I didn’t stress too much over some of the little details and hastily topstitched the bodice. I like how it turned out for a one time wear and think this would be a fun pattern to try again for a more special occasion dress. V doesn’t wear a lot of dresses and I prefer things for her that can be easily washed…wovens always need an iron and really, what’s the point of ironing a 2 year old’s top? I’m not sure the bodice would work well in a knit, but this would be a cute one to try in a light chambray or linen like fabric that can be washed dried, and thrown on again.




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