February Project Check In

We’re a little more than half way through the month and I’m feeling the pressure to get everything I had planned done. I knew going in that I was being overly ambitious with my projects for a short month, but I also didn’t except to not even get a chance to start on sewing until just before Valentine’s day.

Besides running around to a ton of hockey games (between my husband and step son, we had 8 hockey games in 3 days early on in the month) and work being crazy busy for both of us, we lost my husband’s Grandmother on 2/9/17. With all that was going on, I just didn’t have the time or energy to get started on any of my projects.

I had sewn up most of V’s Valentine Top back at the end of January and really just had to finish some hemming and putting the buttons on and managed to do that literally the night before I needed it done. Once I ha d that project done, I felt like I could get started on assembling my patterns and getting started on my intended projects.

So far, I’ve completed 3 of my planned 10 projects, all in the same week.

Up first, I completed the Sew House 7 Toaster Sweater #2 in a lightweight white sweater knit. Of course, I didn’t get any photos of this in progress, but I did manage to snap a couple once it was completed.

This top has mitered corners on the vented side seams and I was a little intimidated looking at the garment and wondering how I was going to be able to pull those off cleanly, but the instructions were super easy to follow and I was really impressed with my ability to get a nice clean corner.

I wanted a lighter weight sweater for the spring months but I think this sweater would fit better and hold it’s shape with a thicker knit than I used. I ended up needing to add in some interfacing to get the slight mock turtle neck to stand. The fit of this is also supposed to be a bit boxy, but the knit I used likes to drape so the fit isn’t as great as I would like, but it’s still really wearable. I will be making this one again come the fall/winter in a thicker more stable knit.


Next up was The Gable Top. I did this in a nice double brushed poly from Sew So English fabrics  so it’s incredibly soft. I love how this top turned out and wish I had gotten some better photos of it- I’ll try and convince my hubby to take an actual photo of me the next time I wear it.

This was also really easy to put together and I was able to do the whole thing cut to finish in about 2 hours. The fit is very slim but it gives me a great shape. I loved it so much, I wore it the next day. This is one of the first pieces for me that I’ve finished and ended up loving so much that I just had to wear it out and about to show it off.


Finally was the Constance Top and Dress  from Sew a little Seam. I had planned to mash a couple of Patterns for Pirates patterns I already had- the slim fit raglan with add on pack and pencil skirt to get this dress. As I was prepping my fabric and working on mashing the patterns, I saw the release for this pattern. It was only $4 and all the proceeds go to the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation so I decided to just go ahead and add this to my pattern collection as well. I like that it has set in sleeves instead of the raglan, and it also had an option for a curved hem line which I was also going to try and mod on the pencil skirt anyway. This pattern also has options for a kangaroo pocket which I originally added on to my dress but ended up not loving the look/placement of it and ended up pulling it off this morning. I always love the idea of a kangaroo pocket but I have a mom gut and the pocket tends to highlight that a bit more than I’m comfortable with.

If you remember from my February Project Planning post, I had planned on using a different blue French terry for this project, but I saw this watercolor floral get listed on Sew So English and I couldn’t help myself- I bought up several yards. This fabric is so pretty and so soft, I may never take it off. Luckily I have enough left to get a pair of joggers out of so I may never have to!

After getting some of the knit fabric I had ordered online and my experience with the Toaster Sweater, I may end up scraping the other two thin sweater tops I was planning. I don’t think they will give me the end result I’m looking for. I may end up making a drapey cardigan out of one of them, but we’ll see if I even need it in my capsule once some of my other items are done.

I still have a couple of skirts planned, my jeans course starts on Monday (2/20), and my off the shoulder top to go for myself. I’ve also decided to replace the lightweight denim dress I’ve had for years. I love the dress, but it’s worn and really doesn’t fit well- it’s a boxier cut meant to be belted but it never ends up looking quite right. I have the fabric for that but I’m debating between a couple of patterns so we’ll see when I actually get around to it.

Here’s hoping I can keep up my current momentum and at least get a good chunk of my planned items done with the time I have left this month.






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